TigrisRose’s Review for the Green Lantern (2011)

Green Lantern (2011)
Director: Martin Campbell
Stars: Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and Peter Sarsgaard

“I pledge allegiance to a lantern, given to me by a dying purple alien.”

How cool is it to have a father who only asked of his three children, that for Father’s Day that we take him to dinner and a movie? So much easier to buy for than mom! So given that my father has already seen Pirates, and X-Men this summer we decided to go to opening weekend for the Green Lantern.

Honestly I was only half wanting to see this movie in the first place. I love DC comics, but other than the Batman Franchise they haven’t done a great job putting their stories on the big screen. The biggest doubt I had was all the CGI.

Lets start with the acting, lets face it Ryan Reynolds is only there it get women to come to the movies. I think Reynolds is better at romantic comedies than being the super hero. I didn’t mind him in Blade Trinity because he was mostly just a hot smart ass with a gun. He didn’t do a terrible job as Hal Jordan, but its wasn’t the best either.

Lively wasn’t in it much to give an opinion one way or the other. Sarsgaard was creepy in the geeky silent killer type. His transformation after coming in contact with Fear was bad, but for the most part a good side villain. Mark Strong was pretty dead on with Sinestro. For the most part the acting wasn’t too bad.

Story wise it did a decent job of staying with the premises of the Hal Jordan story line. I like how they started with Hal Jordan since he was the first Earth bound Green Lantern, but Hal Jordan wasn’t my favorite Lantern from the series. I do like the fact that they make him and keep him “human.” Jordan has issues of course because he is a pilot as his father. But as a child he saw his father die in an accident after his father’s take off. So he has that fear of dieing. But Sinestro gives him a hard time, and like his whole life Jordan gives up the Lanterns at first. I love how explaining after coming back that Jordan tells the whole Core that there is a saying on Earth. “I’m just human.” I won’t ruin the movie, but it has great context for the movie’s story line.

I thought that the featured Core members and the council were great. The love interest was nice, but really we are bringing her in on the secret from the get go!

Movie wise I liked it. The Green Lantern was a solid movie, and great for DC comics. The one thing I was worried about which was the CGI, was my biggest turn off about the movie. It wasn’t bad, but there was just so much of it that for me it was a little distracting. I am not a big fan of CGI heavy movies. I don’t mind having a little in there from time to time, but when its used for nearly 80% of the movie and is the key element its obnoxious. Some of the Core members looked great, Jordan’s costume a little cheesy, and the the CGI for Parallax terrible! I like movies with actual sets, and I would rather see an actor suffer through 5 hours getting prepped for a costume than watching a whole movie with CGI.

This movie before you go and watch, you need to know it is a story back ground driven movie. There are a lot of great action scenes, stuff gets blown up and all that good stuff like a comic book movie should. But this movie goes a the extra mile to actually introduce you to The Green Lantern Core and Hal Jordan which is how it should be. Most people unless you are a geek like me might not necessarily be familiar with the Green Lantern other than the Justice League Cartoons growing up as kids. So it’s a very good intro movie, allowing you to know the character and the back story to the Green Lantern Core. So know that going in, its similar to Superman Returns in the aspect that its introducing the character for the first time, but not as slow. Thank god!

F.Y.I. for all you movie junkies like me and my dad who stay for the Easter Eggs after the lead credits. This movie’s Easter Egg so totally predictable! I won’t tell you what it is, but lets say if you know the story you won’t be shocked!

The movie was good. Was it Batman standards, Hell no… but how can you compete with Bats I mean seriously. However this is the best non-Batman movie DC has put out in a long time. Now if they can only get everything else right so we can have a kick ass Justice League movie. I give the movie a C+, I know I said it was good, and it is. It is worth seeing, even taking the bank loan out to go see it in theaters. But let me break it down.

The movie what it was as a DC franchise movie execution I’ll give a B+, it is one of the best movies to come out of DC in a long time. Storyline by itself and compaired to the original content I will give an A-. I thought the story line was great, I loved the context of the dialog, and I thought it stayed true to the source material to the best a DC franchise movie could.

Now what killed it for me, cinematography I give it a D. I am not a big fan of CGI heavy movies. For me the CGI was distracting. I would have rather seen cheap cheesy costumes and puppeteer than CGI. And really there was only 2 major locations. The Air Strip and the Planet Oa. There isn’t a lot of variety. The acting I’ll give a C+. Lets face it they were ok, but surely they could have found someone better. Lets face it Ryan Reynolds is not what I would consider Super Hero material.

Really with all the grading said, it should really be like a B-, but I am docking it down to the C+ because the Easter Egg that leads to the thought that there will be a sequel, so totally knew what it was before the movie was over. My kingdom for a better Easter Egg!

So I will close out with saying, go see the movie, it is a good one to see this summer. Totally worth the ticket to get in, maybe not the concession stand, but worth the ticket. Its one of the best comic book movies out in a while. So go, go see it, with my blessing. And for all you comic geeks like me I leave you with these last words:

“In brightest day, in blackest night. No evil shall escape my sight. Let all who worship evil’s might. Beware my power, Green Lantern’s light!”


One Response to “TigrisRose’s Review for the Green Lantern (2011)”

  1. I gave up on wanting comic book movies to be like the comics. They’re different mediums and it’s rare that it actually happens. I liked X-Men First Class, but it’s nothing like any X books I’ve ever read.

    I’m not a huge DC fan. I rarely wander out of the Batman books. The only good Green Lantern in my opinion was Guy Gardner. That said, the movie didn’t bother me. It was pretty much exactly what I thought it would be and it gave me an excuse to sit in an air conditioned facility and eat good popcorn. I never felt like burning the motherfucker down or plunging a ballpoint pen into my corneas at any point during the movie. That’s a win. However, I can’t in good conscience call it a good movie. If it wasn’t Green Lantern, I would’ve hated it.

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