Dub Cee reviews: POTC: On Stranger Tides

Director: Rob Marshall
Writer(s): Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio (screenplay)

Ok, so, my wife and I finally have a weekend together and we decided to check out a movie and grab some dinner. We settled on a couple of Ribeye steaks from Texas Roadhouse, where I downed a couple of Samuel Adams: Boston Lager’s. We also finally decided to watch the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie rather than Thor. Personally, my expectations were fairly low going into this. Particularly after the back to back crapfest that were Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End.

Right of the bat, I liked this movie more than DMC or AWE, the first 20 minutes is a great action/escape scene where Sparrow rescues Gibbs from the courthouse, gets caught, is in the middle of the royal palace but then proceeds to escape again. There is a slight pause in the action to allow some dialogue and to introduce the pirate turned priveteer Hector Barbosa. (Geoffrey Rush) It is during this that we learn the premise of the story. The Spainish have figured out the location of the Fountain of Youth. Keeping with the spirit of the day, the English simply cannot allow them to find it first so Barbosa offers Sparrow his ship in exchange for Sparrow’s map, which we saw him steal at the end of AME.

Eventually it is found out this is a three way race as Blackbeard ( Ian McShane )himself is seeking out the fountain along with his first mate Angelica. Angelica (Penelope Cruz) of course being a woman from Cpt. Jack’s past and the movie does a nice job of ever so slowly peeling back the layers of their relationship. I think one of the main reasons I enjoyed this is that nobody was particularly the back guy. I mean Blackbeard was a ruthless bastard but when your prophet tells you that you will be killed by a one legged man, you will do what you must to find the fountain of youth, no?

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The pauses in the action are filled with moving the story forward and are just short enough to let the audience either laugh or simply catch its breath. There are no wasted or pointless scenes and the pacing is just good. It was a two hour movie but it seemed to me to much shorter, unlike the two previous monstrosities.

Overall: B+ (on Par with Curse of the Black Pearl)


5 Responses to “Dub Cee reviews: POTC: On Stranger Tides”

  1. chainsawcheerleader Says:

    Since Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom were in the last three movies…as you watched the latest one was their absence felt or was it not really that big of a deal? I’m just wondering because in the last film it seemed like they could have tried or figured out away to save Bloom from the Dutchmen.

  2. Dub Cee Says:

    Good question, I didnt even address that…because I didnt miss them. even a little. at all.

  3. How is is now that the film centers around Depp? He sort of circled the action before instead of being the one that propels the storyline.

    • chainsawcheerleader Says:

      Thats a good question but I doubt the general public has even noticed or probably care because its Depp. I think most people are more willing to be forgiving to films that have Depp. At least thats how it seems.

  4. Dub Cee Says:

    For me, Jack Sparrow was the character I most enjoyed previously. The movie just embraces that he can be the center character and just runs with it.

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