Tigris Rose’s Indiana Jones Movie Marathon Part III: Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

Tigirs Rose’s Indiana Jones Movie Marathon Part III: Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

It’s now time for Indiana Jones Movie Marathon Part III… “The Last Crusade.” Probably one of my favorites because you get a double dose of Jones. That’s right ladies a double dose. Dr. Henry Jones Sr. comes into play as he is in trouble after being taken hostage by the Nazis in his efforts to locate his white whale.

Now Lucas and Speilburg does a great job at keeping a great cast. Ford is back to reprise his role as Indiana Jones. Denholm Elliott and John Rhys-Davies are back from “Raiders” to reprise their roles as Marcus Broady and Sallah. The protagonist cast gains a great cast member with a real story tease as Sean Connery comes in as Dr. Henry Jones Sr. (Epic Awesome!) or Attila the Professor as Indy puts it.

For every great protagonist there has to be a great antagonist, otherwise the story would just suck! Three years after his adventures with the Ark, and the brink of WWII we have the Nazis back in to play in this third installment. The Nazis are being led by Walter Donovan played by Julian Glover, an American socialite who is looking for the Holy Grail for the soul purpose of man’s life long pursuit for immortality. To his left General Vogel, played by Michael Byrne, a Nazi soldier who’s role I more violent, raw, and unemotional. And to the right the beautiful Dr. Elsa Schneider played by Alison Doody, probably the hottest of the Jones love interests. An Austrian who gets mixed up with the wrong side of the war who has somewhat of a good heart as she does fall in love with Jones. But her greed for the Grail and her loyalty to the Third Reich makes this two faced vixen so much trouble.

I love how the movie starts. The scene that takes you back to Indy’s teen years and seeing the man that he would portray till the end. Indy comes across a group digging out in the middle of the desert as he and his scout troupe are out exploring. Indy takes a relic the Cross of Noranada from the men and the chase begins.

It leads to the group chasing Indy on a circus train. As Indy tries to get the drop on them, he almost becomes a eunuch because of an angry rhino. You also find out just how Indy got his phobia of snakes. And how an interaction with a circus lion made Indy take up a whip. Low and behold after sometime Indy escapes with the cross in one piece with the help of some magic. He runs all the way home to tell his father who ignores him because he’s working on his white whale. The sheriff shows but not to help Indy. Instead he returns the cross back to the men Indy ran from. One man a strong adventurous type, with a wide brim fedora, gives Indy the words that transitions everything together… “you’ve might have lost today kid, but that doesn’t mean you have to like it.” As the man puts the fedora down on his head the scene changes to the present day as once again Indy tries to take the cross and finally succeeds. it’s a great beginning to this movie, because you finally get to find out some of the answers to why Indy is what he is.

It’s a great beginning, but otherwise it would be a pretty short movie. One of the nice things I like about the story is that its very detailed and really makes you think that finding the Cup of Christ could be so easy but it makes you feel as if this relic could actually be found today just like the Ark from “Raiders.”

The scenery is beautiful going from desert in the flashback, to Venice, the castle in Austria/German Border. I think that the book burning scene was creative, and genius to put in there because it puts the characters in real life events during a part of world history and comes face to face with Hitler. The canyon with the temple outside was beautiful but the inside was dark and terrifying.

Another thing that made this movie work was the character interaction. The heroes and villains played there parts well, especially Donovan. Two key parts: one towards the beginning as Indy and Marcus get ready to leave Donovan tells them “to trust no one.” And later in the castle tells the Jones’ that Indy didn’t take his advice. The second was when Donovan shot the elder Jones to force Indy to find the way to the grail.

The character of Marcus is funny and sad at the same time. Marcus want so badly to help find his lost friend, Dr. Jones Sr. But Marcus is a little out of his element, seriously, “Marcus got lost once in his own museum.” But he is with Indy to get in the way, and make things difficult. By getting captured by the Nazis.

As ever continuing with the running gag once again our hero loses his hat and can’t use his gun. Indy just rescued his father from the Castle and were on the run. After stealing a plane from a blimp they got shot out of the air. As the were running from danger they found themselves on some beach. Indy realizes that the place is coming back and there are no bullets in his gun. Although how a little six shooter is going to bring down a German fighter plane I will never know. But thankfully the elder Jones remembers his Charlemagne and brings the plane down with seagulls.

Indy’s hat is a little more emotional. The troupe both good and evil are in route for the for the canyon that will lead them to the grail’s temple. And the two factions clashing there is a great fight scene with a tank. (Watch it’s great.!) now Indy falls off a cliff (like I said watch it people!!!) He’s dad things he’s dead, but like magic Indy appears behind him with no hat on. (Not really magic, seriously watch the movie.) as they depart from the cliffs Indy drops to sit exhausted from the fight, after his father calls out, Indy’s hat blows right up to his feet from no where.

The movie just wouldn’t be right without actually finding what they’ve been looking for, our heroes made it to the temple, but so did the bad guys. There is a slight problem of course besides the decapitated bodies there are three tasks to complete to find the grail. To give Indy a little more incentive to find the grail, Donovan shoots the elder Jones and the only thing that can save him is the grail. So Indy goes through the challenges with the help of the elder Jones’ diary. Sr. has been researching and looking for the grail for 40 years and was the strain between his relationship with his own son. Indy makes his way to the grail and meets face to face with the last living brother of the three knights of the first crusade who has been guarding the grail for centuries. But there is a new challenge, the room is filled with dishware all deceptive as being the potental grail. Donovan who made his way to the room choose poorly and had a great tales from the crypt like death.

As the movie ends you also find out how Indy got his name. I like the Crusade segment the best because by this time I was already a fan. I love the cast, and they kept the major elements that make an Indiana Jones/1930’s adventure movie great.

I think I rate this movie higher because it brings to light what made Henry Jones a small town kid from Utah to become Indiana Jones. It answered a lot of fan questions like why he was afraid of snakes, how he got his hat and whip, and why he has daddy issues. I also love it because it brings Ford and Connery to the silver screen together, who else would make such a great father/son pair.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade gets a solid A in review and A+ in my heart. Stay tuned Jones fans I’ll be back with the final installment of the Jones Franchise next in this Indiana Jones Movie Marathon.


One Response to “Tigris Rose’s Indiana Jones Movie Marathon Part III: Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade”

  1. I always sort of teeter on how much I like this movie. I definitely do like it and while there are some great scenes, the plot is sort of uninspired. I think it’s the one of the three that’s sort of dated. That may be because at the time it was made, it was supposed to be the last film. As the last film, you could accept some rough parts because it’s charm far outweighed it’s flaws and it served as a fitting end to the saga. Now that lucas & Spielberg decided to defile the corpse, the weakness are more apparent.

    I do agree with you that this had some fantastic back story on Indy and some nice reveals for the fans. Too bad they didn’t leave this as the end. Can’t wait to see what you say about the last film.

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