Dub Cee Reviews: Cop Out (2010)


Director: Kevin Smith

Writer(s): Robb Cullen, Mark Cullen

Star(s): Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan

The one thing in movies than annoys me more than anything is over directing. When a director decides to insert things that simply do not need to be there that detract from the film. Cop Out would score a higher grade from me but they had to hire Kevin “I tell the same joke over and over again” Smith.

Cop Out is a goofy buddy cop movie starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan as a couple of less than stellar police detectives who cannot help but be friends. Morgan is convinced that his uber hot wife is two timing him. Meanwhile Willis’ daughter (Michelle “What Happened to my Career” Trachtenberg) is planning this $47,000 wedding which he cannot afford. What’s worse is that her step dad (Jason “Hey, I owed Smith a favor” Lee) is an arrogant rich douche is going to pay for it if Willis cannot. No problem. Willis will just sell off his rare baseball card. However, as he is about to sell the card he is mugged by none other than Stiffler himself. The rest of the movie is just Morgan and Willis trying to get the card back from a group of drug dealers.

There really is not too much to say here other than only two scenes were even remotely funny. In one of them Smith couldn’t help but insert a penis joke. “Oh, lookie’ Willis drew a penis on the window in front of the guys’ open mouth. Oh the hilarity!” The other funny moment comes when Morgan and Willis confront the most notorious car thief in the city…who turns out to be a 10 year old boy. Smith gets in his stereotypical gay joke in a scene. The only thing missing was a cameo from Jason Mewes to make things feel complete.

Final Grade: As I said, not much to say here as the movie wasn’t horrid but it was not good either. If not for Smith I would score this movie a little higher but instead it gets a D.

On a happier note, it seems even Smith realized how much he sucks and announced he has retired from filmmaking. Can we retro activate that back to Mallrats?

Now, to save you sometime I have included the only two funny scenes from the movie below.




3 Responses to “Dub Cee Reviews: Cop Out (2010)”

  1. This sounds terrible…and probably is pretty terrible…but I will see it. Just because Tracy Morgan is in it. I heard Kevin smith say that Bruce Willis was a real pain to work with. Whatever. Your review pretty much confirmed what I thought this movie was going to be. But…I’ll still see it. Dammit.

  2. This was by far Smith’s worst directed film but take into account that
    1: He did not write any part of it
    2: It was intended as an open homage to 80’s buddy cop flicks (which everyone seemed to miss unless you loved those kinda flicks)
    3: Bruce Willis did not make it easy by any means as we now know.

    Now he has said that he’s doing 2 more flicks (one which is “Red State”) then he is done from doing features cause he’s also said it’s no longer a passion and he’s also tired of working with and within the system (see: his promotion of “Red State”). Myself, I took the flick for what it is. Cause Kevin was at the helm doesnt mean I expect another Clerks, Mallrats, or Chasing Amy.
    Just my thoughts

  3. Is that seriously the plot? Really?

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