Dub Cee Reviews: Harry Brown (2009)

Director: Daniel Barber

Writer(s): Gary Young

Stars: Michael Caine, Emily Mortimer, David Bradley

Michael Caine is without doubt one of the more underappreciated actors of our lifetime. I have yet to see a performance from him where I thought he was “off”. Harry Brown is no exception.

Ok, now, I suppose I should start with the story and then give Mr. Caine the verbal hand job he so richly deserves. Basically, Caine lives in what was a nice little neighborhood in London. However, in recent years the youth have become violent and there are places, that even in the light of day, one just does not go to. Caine plays Harry Brown, a retired man living alone and just trying to keep to himself and avoid trouble. He is able to so without much difficultly until the one person he has left in the world, his best friend, Leonard Attwell (Harry Potter’s David Bradley) is bullied and eventually killed by a group of the hoodlums. This pushes Brown over the edge. He has nothing left to lose and the only reason he has to continue is revenge for his friend. He literally has nothing left. He has military training but the man is a retiree so he must be thoughtful and plan out what he does. Even still his physical abilities betray him a few times. It is his ability to out think the punks that gives him the advantage.

The overall cast is very solid. Brown is being investigated by Alice Frampton (Emily Mortimer of Formula 51). She seems to be the only one able to see the connection between all the murders and wants to get the proof more to protect Harry from himself than to punish him for what he has done.

If I had to compare this movie to another, or reference another movie where I could say if you like it, you may enjoy Harry Brown, it would be the first Death Wish movie with Charles Bronson. Yes, it is a little slow in places. And yes, the ending isn’t quite what you were hoping for but it fit’s the story better than what you wanted but overall is just a damn good movie.

Back to Michael Caine. I cannot say enough about his performance. One scene in particular when he describes a war story to a man he just shot in the stomach. Hands down some of the greatest acting you will ever see. I love the way he ends the speech with, “You should have called an ambulance for that girl.”

Final grade: B, the movie is slow in places but overall the realism is terrific and Michael Caine is a master!

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