Tigris Rose’s Indiana Jones Movie Marathon Part II: Temple of Doom

Tigris Rose’s Indiana Jones Movie Marathon

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)

Welcome back Jones fans for the second installment of Indiana Jones Movie Marathon review. It’s time to talk about I.J. and The Temple of Doom. Which is funny, yet confusing because this sequel is actually a prequel to “Raiders.” No one really notices because there is only a year difference and the story lines fit either way. “Raiders” as I shared earlier, took place in 1936. Temple of Doom takes place in 1935.

From the get go, “Temple” is action packed and big! We start in a night club in the heart of Shanghai. Cue in Willie Scott a blonde gold-digger. (How a blonde haired American girl found his way to Shanghai to sing for a gangster, I’m not sure I want to know.) Of course Indy has to meet the Gangster Lao Che to get a jade statue, which he exchange for a really big diamond. But in the event of the trade off Indy’s poisoned. While trying to get the antidote, the jade statue, and the diamond comes the great fight scene in the club. Complete with Tommy guns and half naked dancing girls. Course Indy gets the antidote, I mean seriously, you can’t kill the main character in the first 10 minutes of the movie. Of course in the event of escaping he takes Willie with him because she has his diamond. They jump through the roof of a cab driven by a 10 year old cabbie. Short Round is probably one of the greatest sidekicks ever. His relationship with Indy which is like a big/little brother relationship through this movie. They have these little tiffs through the movie. My favorite is when they are playing cards accusing the other of cheating.

So the premise of the story takes place in India. After Indy, Short Round, and Willie take a jump from a crashing plane on a life raft. (I want to see this trick on Mythbusters to see if this is plausible, because this shouldn’t be possible. AH movie magic.)

So India is dark and depressing. Because this village is dying because a sacred Sivalinga stone is missing. The stone give the village harmony and prosperity. Their crops are dying and there is a drought, plus the children have been abducted.

It’s a very sad and supernatural story. The rest of the story takes place at the palace ruled by a child prince who is being controlled by Mola ram who is the leader of a cult to the goddess Kali.

Now I like “Temple better than “Raiders” and equal in my eyes to “Crusades.” Its got that supernatural story that I like with Action; but also nice one liners especially between Indy and Short Round.

“Temple” is the movie that starts the running gag of Indy losing his hat and gun. Iconicaly Indy losing his hat in this movie has been well known through parodies. But the scene puts you on your toes because Indy and Short round are about to be turned into Indy-K-Bobs. but at the same time makes you chuckle because Indy is yelling at Willie to help them, though she doesn’t want to touch the bugs.

There is a great fight scene towards the end of the movie that I love. Indy’s fighting a semi-giant and Short Round is fighting the prince. That leads to the legendary cart scene that follows our heroes though the mines racing to escape but there is a little watery problem at the end.

((Sorry I am trying my best not to spoil anything. You need to watch it yourself.))

I like “Temple” better than “Raiders.” Mostly because “Raiders” has a little more down time and doesn’t have scenes hit every time like “Temple.” The secondary cast especially the love interest is a lot better in this movie than “Raiders” as well. Everyone loves Short Round.

Visually “Temple” is more diverse between the good and evil spectrum. In “Temple” it starts with lots of action and color very visually appealing that leads to a dumpy plane, to beautiful snowy mountains, to a dismal and dieing India village. Then to a beautiful palace. In the scenes for the dinner and the bedrooms are very beautiful. Very colorful, on the good spectrum. You would hardly think that it holds a very dark secret. Under the palace is a dark, depressing sacrificial alter to the goddess Kali. Off the bat you see a human sacrifice which is so messed up. After our protagonist party have been captured by the zombie like followers of Kali, we find out another dark secret. All the messing children had been put into slavery in the minds. Indy becomes brain washed, Short Round into slavery, and Willie is about to be the next human sacrifice.

After Indy takes the stone back and frees the kids to the village. The palace goes dark and deserted as though it died itself. But as our heroes make there way to the village that started their quest. There was happiness, lots of color and life back into the village that was nearly dead at the beginning of the movies.

I give “Temple” a solid A. it has great cinematography. Always kept you either on your seat or laughing. And has a great cast and directing and some nice one liners.

Stay tuned Indy fans next blog we will have a double dose of Dr. Jones!!!


2 Responses to “Tigris Rose’s Indiana Jones Movie Marathon Part II: Temple of Doom”

  1. I like “TEMPLE OF DOOM” slightly better than “RAIDERS” because I feel that the ending was better written than the 1981 film.

  2. I have to agree with you for the most part. I go back and forth on it, but sometimes I feel like this is my favorite of the trilogy. It’s definitely the most underated of the three. I also has the best opening of the three and one of the best action scenes.
    Only thing I really disagree with is the love interest. Marion was awesome. Willie is shrill and annoying. The woman can’t act. I also disagree with the comment above. The ending of Raiders is untouchable. It’s such and inconic and just flat out bad ass scene.
    Nice review. Glad to see someone else sticking up for Temple of Doom.

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