Dub Cee Reviews: Book of Eli (2010)


 Director: Hughes Brothers

Writer(s): Gary Whitta

I have always had a somewhat akward relationship with the whole post-apocalyptic sub-genre of movies. I enjoy them more often than not but they are usually quite flawed and most suffer the same major flaw. Book of Eli is no different.

Denzel Washington stars as Eli, a wonderer on his way west. No place specifically mind you, just a general direction, west. On his journey he passes through a rebuilding town ran by a man named Carnegie. (Gary Oldman) Carnegie is obsessed over finding a specific book. Turns out, Eli is carrying the last surviving copy of the book. In an attempt to convince Eli to stay in town and thus give him more time to steal the book, Carnegie forces his lover’s daughter, Solara (Mila Kunis) to “entertain” Eli for the night. Eli rejects her half-hearted advances and instead the end up talking all night. In the morning Eli is gone but now has some unwanted followers. Somewhere in all of this is Carnegie’s main stooge, Redridge. (Ray Stevenson) Try as I might, I cannot figure out why this character even exist. He has a fair amount of screen time and some dialouge, yet he adds absolutely nothing to the advancement of the story. On a total tangent, Punisher: War Zone, still sucks.

I truly enjoyed the “look” of the movie. Some scenes are nearly black and white to account for all the dust in the air. The characters are clothed correctly and actually look like they belong in this world.

The movie does have flaws. The pacing is rather slow, which is the biggest problem films of this type usually have. A few questions go unanswered. Why is Eli’s back torn to ribbons? How did he escape his room? How did Solora escape the spring?

Overall, I thought Denzel was great. His fights scenes were pretty bad ass. Gary Oldman was just mediocre. Nothing special. Ray Stevenson just reminds me of why I hate the Punisher: War Zone. The jury is still out on Mila Kunis.

Grade: C+

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2 Responses to “Dub Cee Reviews: Book of Eli (2010)”

  1. I didn’t really enjoy this movie either, however if Mila Kunis is involved it gets a higher grade. However even she could not save this movie in my opinion.

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