Tigris Rose’s Indiana Jones Movie Marathon Review Part 1: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Tigris Rose’s Indiana Jones Movie Marathon Review Part 1:

Join me now as I take a look at one of my favorite franchises. Not only is it one of my favorite franchises, it also brought to life one of my favorite characters since I was a kid. It joins my favorite character, with one of my top 25 actors, producer, and director. I mean seriously Ford, Spielberg, Lucas- Really how can you go wrong? ((I’ll explain why that is a dumb comment later!))

Now most people I would hope to god would at least know of Indiana Jones, let alone have watched the franchise multiple times. I mean come on USA Network just had a weekend marathon on last week.

But those who don’t’ know, you people who live under rocks, and inside of caves. Dr. Henry Walton Jones Jr. is an archeologist, who is also a part time teacher at a local university. His alter ego, if you will, Indiana Jones, is an adventurer looking for the answers to the world’s oldest questions. Dr. Jones is a geeky, hot nerd in a tweed suit that all his female students love as they take his ancient civilization class. The alter ego, Indiana Jones is a rugged, scruffy, dirty example of the true adventurer. Always looking for the next treasure or lost civilization.

I’m not going to go into the story to much. Mostly because I believe most people have seen one or more of the franchise. “Raiders” takes place in 1936. And our hero finds himself in a race against the Nazis of a growing Germany, three years before WWII. Indy and the Nazis are both trying to find the biblical artifact The Ark of the Covenant. Which in the wrong hands would be disastrous of course Indy is petitioned by the U.S. government because they can’t officially get involved. Plus Indy’s mentor has the key to finding the Ark. Indy later finds that one of his arch rivals is helping Nazis. 

Enough about that lets talk geek. First off, yay 1930’s style adventure movies. But Indiana Jones reminds me of the Allan Quartermain stories, and I don’t mean the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, ((However, ironic… tune into the third installment of the I.J. Marathon.))

In “Raiders” Indy is at odds with an old flame as well with the Nazis and his rival throughout this movie. Indy’s Character over the years is defined by his look and the geeky side jokes that come with them. But as you see Indy the two most iconic wardrobe jokes his wide brim fedora, and his gun. The hat doesn’t become the joke till the next installment because the first movie he never loses it. It always kept on no matter what throughout the movie this time.
Indy somehow somewhere in the movie in the movie loses his gun or runs out of bullets at the worst times gets redeemed in the first movie. Ford was sick at the time of the famous gun scene. Ford had dysentery and couldn’t get the fight scene just right. Ford suggested he just shoot the swordsman and does. The gunshot scene was so great it was kept and the fight scene scrapped.

The most iconic scene that’s prompted animated cartoon, sitcoms, and parody spin-offs like the Simpsons. The boulder scene at the beginning of the movie nearly everyone knows it even without ever seeing “Raiders.” It’s a pop culture movie scene.

The cast in “Raiders” is top notch. Ford, Paul Freeman, John Rhys-Davies, Denholm Elliot, Alfred Molina. Plus with Spielberg and Lucas at the reins makes this for a wonderful crew.

Indiana Jones brings back the iconic adventure, the rugged lover, the man with morals, without boundaries or fear. ((Provided there are no snakes around.)) It’s also one of those movies you either love or hate. But it’s a movie for all ages. I give “Raiders” a B+. It’s a good movie. It is campy. But it has a great cast, great cinematography, but it’s a little slow. And the effects especially the ending when they open the ark is really bad and campy. But out of the four movies, “Raiders” is number three in my book out of the four movies. I like “Temple” and “Crusades” more than “Raiders” but that is just me, most people would put them in their top two.

Stay tuned ladies and gents, I will be reviewing the other three installments of the Indiana Jones Franchise soon!!!


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