Chainsaw Cheerleader Reviews: Antichrist (2009)

Directed by: Lars von Trier

Written by: Lars von Trier

Cast: William Dafoe, Charlotte Gainsbourg

Genre: Suspense


I consider myself a very tolerant person because of this it takes a lot for a movie to piss me off. Antichrist is one of those few movies that crossed the line. To say that Antichrist is misogynist would be putting it lightly. The most insulting part of Antichrist is that it tries to pass misogyny off as art. The director, Lars von Trier, often has scenes in black and white, uses the Handel aria, and slow motion to try to dress this turd up as art. While the film was pretty and nicely shot, it is difficult to focus on that when the film is about something so ugly.

The plot:

After the death of their child, He (Williem Dafoe), who is a therapist and She (Charlotte Gainsbourg) go to their cabin in the woods in order to work through their feelings of pain and guilt. In hopes to mend their emotional wounds, He councils She, as She’s insanity hits its peak. He’s therapy seems to work but this is soon seen as a facade. She quickly begins to act out and this acting out manifests in violent sexual behavior. This behavior soon turns torturous.

The misogyny bullshit break down:

*By naming the characters He and She, there is an emphasis on gender and not the personal individual that normal names bring.

*The wife blames all the insane things she does on her belief that women are evil.

*Watches her child, who is male, fall out a window to his death and does nothing.

*From the very beginning of the film the  wife is emotionally unstable. Throughout the entire film the husband is strong and uses his strength to try to help his wife.

*Woman torturing a man for pleasure.

*While they are having sex, she demands that her husband hit her. She believes she deserves it because women are evil. When he refuses she runs away to masturbate in the woods.

*The wife drills a weight into her husband’s leg because she believes he is going to leave her and doesn’t love her anymore.

*Smashes his penis and testacies with a large piece of wood.

* Cuts off her clitoris with a pair of scissors which is very insulting because for many women they can only reach orgasm by clitoral stimulation.

*No matter what his wife does to him, he does not fight back or hit her to defend himself.

*The one time that the husband does touch his wife is to killer her, thus stopping the insanity that his wife blamed on her being a woman.

*The husband sees a deer with a stillborn fetus hanging out from her womb on several occasions.

*As he escapes and wanders down the mountain, he stops, looking down the mountain as hundreds of women walk up it.  As they close in around him the scene goes to black  and the movie ends, leaving the viewer to  wonder if the women killed the husband who killed his wife.

*At the end of the film the title of the movie is shown. The T at the end of Antichrist has the female gender symbol representing the T.

William Dafoe is a great actor. The man has perfected creepy and cool. He was wonderful in The Boondock Saints and Platoon. Despite how much I disliked Antichrist, Dafoe was still enjoyable to watch. His acting is not an issue at all with this film. The only issue about Defoe is the graphic sex scenes he has with Gainsbourg. No one wants to see Dafoe naked. No one wants to see Dafoe having sex. No one sure as hell wants to see Dafoe’s penis. His penis is also massive. Jesus Christ, it’s like he’s smuggling a trouser snake. How in the world is the viewer going to see him in another film and not automatically think of the Godzilla in his shorts? Antichrist not only shows Dafoe’s penis, it shows it in close ups while it is entering Gainsbourg’s vagina. This is not the only time that Dafoe’s penis makes an appearance. For example, Gainsbourg crushes his penis with a big log and then masturbates him until he ejaculates blood onto her chest. I am sure at some point a stunt penis was used but it was still attached to Dafoe therefore it is still troubling. As shallow as this sounds, there are some people when seen naked give you the willies (no pun intended). For example, Kathy Bates naked in a hot tub in About Schmidt. The movie would not have suffered or lacked an element to its story had it not shown his penis. By showing Dafoe’s penis in such a graphic manner it seems it is purely used for shock value.

I would not necessarily call myself a feminist but I am anti-bullshit. Had this been anti-men I believe I would have been equally offended. Films such as this also raise the question of what is art? A film can be artistic but is it art when it has such a negative message? Some may say that an aspect of art is to force us to look at things such as this and get us to start thinking about it. But what if the art does not live up to the issue?

The major problem with Antichrist is that it makes no statement. It simply proclaims that women are evil and then leaves it at that. When one makes such an extreme statement one must back this up by stating a reason. Women cannot be seen as evil because they kill their children or mutilating genitals.  These things have nothing to do with all women. They are events in the film. Not reasons to hate them. I can understand hating the woman who kills her children and smashes her husband’s penis but that is one woman, not women.

This piece of shit movie won and was nominated for a number of awards. Gainsbourg actually won an award for best actresses. There is also a video game in the works that will start where the film ends, which is frankly pure crazy as the end of the film goes to black as hundreds of women begin to crowd around the only male in the film. This begs  the question as to what is this video game going to be about? Killing women? Video games have a bad enough rap as it is. This will just add fuel to the fire and we will all have to endure more older adults complaining about how videos games are corrupting the youth.

I cannot recommend this film to anyone. If one wishes to watch this film purely for the artistic way it was shot, then one may find it interesting. If one doesn’t feel like being insulted don’t even bother with Antichrist. Which is the choice I only recommend.

Lastly, I would like to add…Fuck you, Lars von Trier and fuck your piece of shit film.

Antichrist receives 2 out 10


5 Responses to “Chainsaw Cheerleader Reviews: Antichrist (2009)”

  1. Harsh review, but I believe you. I was on the fence about seeing this movie. Part of me just got a bad vibe about it. I might still give it a shot sometime because I do love Defoe, but it’ll be put on the backburner for now.

  2. chainsawcheerleader Says:

    There are just some subjects that really piss me off. Anti-man or anti-woman is one of them. The blurb that Netflix has for this movie is way off. It basically says that this grieving couple go to their cabin in the woods and strange things start to happen. With the film being named Antichrist and the blurb saying strange things start to happen I thought it was about maybe something demonic. I’m fine with the description not matching the film but I would have at least hoped for a slight warning before I watched an extreme close up of the woman cutting off her clitoris with a pair of scissors. lol

    I love Defoe, too. He is really the only bright spot of this movie.

    • chainsawcheerleader Says:

      I would like to add that movies that take on subjects that do make me mad are fine (like American History X or The Believer). They are often fine because they make a point or have some reason for what is going on. I found it difficult to get past the fact that Antichrist gives no point or reason. It just felt like the director was dressing up a poorly conceived horror movie as art.

  3. Von Trier isn’t just a misogynist. He’s anti-American, anti-Capitalism, anti… ah fuck it. He hates the world. As a result, his films turn out to be mean-spirited pieces of garbage. He’s an angry faggot who’s pissed because even gay dudes don’t wanna fuck him. He hasn’t really made a film that I like yet, but what he does excel at is tricking interesting, watchable actors into being in his films. DaFoe in this one, Nicole Kidman in Dogtown. Actors fall for his crap. I don’t.

  4. This might be the best review I’ve read since we started this Hoo Rah.

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