Chainsaw Cheerleader Reviews: The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! (2010)

Directed by: Greg Franklin

Written by: Dave Jeser, Matt Silverstein

Cast: Adam Carolla, Jess Harnell, Abbey DiGregorio, Jack Plotnick, Tara Strong, James Tayllor

Genre: Comedy, Animation


Bodily function humor. Sexist jokes. Religious gags. Racist comedy. Low-brow entertainment can be funny but only when it’s done right. The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! is nothing more than off color humor that delivers the sexual fetish called crushing, a monster called Bipartisanship that defecates into its own mouth, necrophilia, the Disney character Ariel’s vagina, and a 3D lesbian sex scene (for some reason 3D glasses do not come with the movie).

Drawn Together was an animated television show that ran from 2004 to 2007 on Comedy Central. After three seasons it was quickly canceled. Taking place in a reality show setting, the Drawn Together cast was made up of eight character traits that parody personality types that are seen most often on these types of shows. The characters lived together in a house that was setup like the reality television show The Real World.

The humor of the show is mainly black comedy and satirical. The prime focus of this humor is mocking stereotypes. By doing so the show is making fun of bigotry. The show often takes on homosexuality, sex, death, and violence. Drawn Together was considered highly controversial for its relaxed attitude toward taboo subjects (racism, abortion, spousal abuse, etc.). The actor who lends his voice to Caption Hero once stated that, “Most of the racism on the show is coming from people who are so obviously stupid about it; it really isn’t that threatening.”

The cast:

Spanky Ham (Adam Carolla): A parody off flash cartoon characters that is obsessed with sex and who’s humor is mainly fart jokes. He is a vehicle for sex jokes and toilet humor.

Xandir (Jack Plotnick): A parody of video game heroes, who is homosexual. He is a vehicle for jokes about homosexuality and/or sexuality in general.

Ling-Ling (Abbey DiGregorio): A parody of Pikachu from Pokemon. He is a vehicle for jokes about immigrants and anime.

Caption Hero (Jess Harnell): A parody of Superman, that is a pervert, chauvinistic, and often has fits of weeping panic. He is a vehicle for making fun of superheroes and macho type men.

Wooldoor Sockbat (James Taylor): A parody of children’s show characters such as SpongeBob SquarePants. He is a vehicle for innocence and making fun of the cartoons we grew up with.

Toot (Tara Strong): A parody of cartoon sex symbols. She is a vehicle for jokes about alcoholism, obesity, depression, and self-mutilation.

Foxxy Love ( Cree Summer): A parody of cartoons from the 1970’s, such as Josie and the Pussycats. She is a vehicle that is used to make fun of blaxploitation films, racism, and is often used to help move one scene on to another.

Princess Clara (Tara Strong): A parody of Disney princesses. She is a vehicle for making fun of racism, the wealthy, and religion.

The Plot:

The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! begins with one of the cast mates, Foxxy Love discovering that she can swear without being bleeped (censored). After she enters the control room of the reality show, she realizes that the show has been cancelled for two and a half years. After convincing her cast mates that they have been canceled, they check their television to see what show has replaced them. They learn that The Suck My Taint Show (which is a parody of South Park) now has their time slot. Wanting to get back on the air, the cast decide to visit the host of The Suck My Taint Show in order to find out how they can get their time slot back. After meeting with the host of this show, the casts is told that the reason why they were canceled is because they are rude and crude without a point. The host goes onto explain that the reason why shows like Family Guy and South Park are still on the air is because each episode has a point. The host tells the cast they must go to Make-A-Point-Land and  the wizard who lives there can give their show a point which would help them get back on the air so that their show may seem more topical than low-brow. It is around this time that the cast soon discovers that they are cheap knock-offs of real and popular cartoon characters.

After Foxxy Love calls the network to see why the show was cancelled, the network head learns that the cast is still alive after he ordered them to be erased. Demanding their deaths, the network head summons  I.S.R.A.E.L. (Intelligent Smart Robot Animation Eraser Lady). I.S.R.A.E.L. is a robot designed solely to erase cartoon characters. She relentlessly hunts down the cast as they try to not only save their lives but their show.

The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! takes full advantage of the fact that it is straight to DVD and uncensored. It is also very aware of the nature of what the creator is doing. In fact, they could not care that the show will appeal only to certain people and that at the end of every show they remain meaningless. For example, at the very beginning of the show after Foxxy Love discovers that that she can swear without being censored she tells Wooldoor to pull down his pants and show her his penis to test if it will be blurred. Wooldoor pulls down his pants and a large long black penis practically flops out of his shorts. It is also a non-animated penis that is hanging off of a yellow cartoon character. Another example is that Caption Hero has a girlfriend who is dead and comes to question what other superheroes she has slept with. As Caption Hero begins to imagine what she has done the viewer is treated to snap shots of his dead girlfriend having necrophilic sex with He-Man, The Green Lantern, Plastic Man, and Dr. Manhatten. Lastly, we see his dead girlfriend laying in a bathtub as Robin receives oral sex from Batman. There is no point to these gags other than to make the viewer laugh.

The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! has one major aspect that helps make the crude humor work. The film attacks each situation with satire. The satire is none stop and is used for one joke right after the other. The use of satire helps difficult subjects like abortion or murder be funny. As awful as that sounds, it takes a great approach in order to make someone laugh at such sore issues.

If you have never seen the Drawn Together television series the movie may not be for you. To better understand the filth and how it is delivered for some it may be important to watch the series first. The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! was not created for those who are not fans of the show. This is blatantly clear as the main villain of the film is a person who is  not a fan of Drawn Together. The movie is a love letter and a thank you to its fans. Drawn Together has a large cult following and with this movie its creators are thanking them for their support. If you are a fan of Drawn Together you will not be disappointed. It is everything you have come to expect from the show and more.

The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! receives 9 out of 10


One Response to “Chainsaw Cheerleader Reviews: The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! (2010)”

  1. I loved the television series. I was so pissed it got canceled. This world is humorless! I completely forgot that a direct-to-DVD movie was made. Thanks for reminding me … I need to own this. I won’t even Netflix it. I just have to have it bought for me.

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