Dub Cee Reviews: The Mist (2007)

Director: Frank Darabont
Writer: Frank Darabont (Screenplay), Stepehen King (Novel)

I know this opening line will take out the anticipation of knowing my thoughts but, The Mist, is not only a great example of how to do a suspense film but a film period. Give me characters I am interested in and thus make me care about what happens to them. Give me an interesting story and make me wonder what is going on. The mist does all this in the first 15 minutes and keeps it going from that point on.

Basically the story is fairly simple. An unusually thick mist descends upon a small town. (Given that this is Stephen King, it is likely in Maine.) Within the mist are some sort of Cloverfieldesq type creatures who just happen to love’em some manflesh. From there the slow decline of mankind begins.

It is well documented what happens to people when trapped in a hopeless situation. In this a hypocritical religious zealot convinces people the killings and the Mist are in fact the act of God. The survivors are trapped in a small supermarket which seems as good a place as any to wait out the end of time other than the fact the entire front of the store is glass and can be easily smashed. Several attempts are made at escape or even getting to the pharmacy next door to get some much needed medical supplies. Suffice to say theses excursions do not go so well. I will not give away too much here as the ending is just an absolute kick directly to the nuts.

From a technical standpoint the film is solid. The mood is set well by the lighting. Often times with mist or fog in movies it’s so thick you cannot see the actors or it’s so light that you cannot figure out how the people cannot see. The Mist strikes a nice balance. The pacing is excellent. Sometimes the best thing a director can do is let talented actors act. And that Darabont is what does here. I will say that the movie was not really “scary” at all even for a guy who sleeps with a nightlight. Not that I do or anything. Also, I hated the way the creatures looked when up close. From a distance they look fine but up close just looks poorly done. Nitpicking, I know but still it took me out of the movie for a moment when I first saw them which should not happen.

An “A” rating is hard to achieve from me but the Mist damn near does it but instead it gets a B+. Damn good film. Notice how I use the word film and not movie. Perhaps in an upcoming piece I can explain the difference in my mind. Anywho, even if you are like me and do not care for “horror/suspense” type movies check this one out.


3 Responses to “Dub Cee Reviews: The Mist (2007)”

  1. The Mist was great. Consistently, horror films that work for me are usually the ones where a group of people are stuck in a bad situation. It’s a repeatedly used plot but it always seems to work. It’s what makes Cube one of my all-time favorite horror flicks and the same mechanic can be seen at work in [REC]. Next week, my review is most likely going to be about a movie with a similar theme.

    Good review and spot on.

  2. chainsawcheerleader Says:

    I am from Maine. So, I can completely agree with you when you say that The Mist takes place here. I was shocked by how much I enjoyed this film. Stephen King has had his share of flops and knowing it was one of his films I was kind of put off by it. The last movie I saw of his was The Dream Catcher. I dare anyone to watch that film and not laugh. It was awful and I do not think I have ever heard so much farting in a sci-fi movie before.

    Cube and [REC] were pure awesome. A group of people in a bad situation, I think does make for a better film. A lot of the horror movies that I like have that element to it.

    Great review. I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head with this review.

  3. I loved the Mist and your review pretty much hit on all the key points. I would suggest watching it in black-and-white on Blu Ray. It makes an already great film even better.

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