Chainsaw Cheerleader Reviews: The Human Centipede: First Sequence (2009)


Directed by: Tom Six
Written by: Tom Six
Cast: Dieter Laser, Ashley Williams, Ashlynn Yennie, Akihiro Kitamura
Genre: Horror, Sexual Fetish

The Human Centipede: First Sequence is like a bad joke told amongst friends. You can almost clearly imagine the director, Tom Six, shootin’ the shit with a couple of buddies and drinking a few beers. After several beers the conversation turns weird. Tom Six turns to his friends and says, “Hey, you know what would be a great way to punish someone? Mouth to anus torture.” As you watch this film you get the impression that this conversation actually took place and once you read the story behind this movie you realize it indeed did. Tom Six was quoted as saying that he was talking with a few of his friends on how child molesters should be punished. He stated that they should have their mouths sewn to the anus of an overweight truck driver.

The premise of a human centipede sounds like a promising idea but in the hands of Tom Six it is just another predicable horror movie. The Human Centipede: First Sequence focuses on two female American tourists whose car has a flat tire on a deserted road. Looking for help, the two girls leave the car and walk into the woods. Just as the girls begin to argue about being lost they see a house in the distance. This house is occupied by a world-renowned expert at separating conjoined twins. Failing to aid the girls by not calling them a cab, he drugs them. The girls wake in a basement that has been redone to look like a hospital. While being held captive with another man the doctor explains his plans for the three. He tells them that he is going to surgically remove their kneecaps so that they must walk on all fours and then attach them mouth to anus, thus creating a human centipede.

The doctor’s behavior toward his new creation is seen mainly as a sexual fetish. These fetishes are based on domination and the eating of fecal matter. While the surgery and fetishes are mostly implied and not directly shown, it does not take much of an imagination to understand what is happening. On a certain level it is interesting to watch how this human chain functions. The three victims push the concept of team work to a whole new level.

If one is to look past the mouth to anus torture one will see an average horror movie that follows all of the same average storylines that every other average horror film follows. This average storyline is that the victims are captured, tortured, and a harrowing attempt at freedom is made.  As an conventional horror film the only thing that grabs you is the fact that the victims are sewn mouth to anus but after the shock of this has worn off the film is seen as slow. There is only so much you can film of a human centipede. Tom Six seems to have had a really great idea but did not know what to do with it as after an hour of this film that great idea burns out quite quickly.

There is no point to this film other than to try to gross you out. There is no social message or point that is trying to be put across. The doctor is seen as far more interesting and likeable as his victims are presented as expendable. The only male victim accepts this torture and believes he deserves it because he has disowned his family. The two American tourists have voices that can only be described as the screams of fan girls at a boy band concert. The viewer is almost grateful for their silence when they are sewn mouth to anus. The action of this film almost starts immediately which gives the viewer little time to come to care or even like the victims. The movie gives the viewer no reason to want the victims to escape other then knowing that torture is wrong. The biggest cliché of the film is that the girls walk into the woods. Every horror movie fan knows if you walk into the woods you are not coming back out. This awful concept has been filmed so many times that it has become a joke.

Many reviews of this film have stated how disgusting and disturbing it is. Entertainment Weekly said, “This is the most disgusting horror film of all time.” It seems that Entertainment Weekly does not view a lot of movies. I chose to watch this film mainly based on the reviews of others. The majority of those reviews expressed how repulsive and horrific the movie was. I should have known better. Base your own judgment on whether you should watch this film not on the reviews of others, not even my own review. Listen to your gut instead. One of the victims does indeed eat excrement. The film does not show this but it is heavily implied. We all have our limits and this may be a limit for some. The Human Centipede: First Sequence is worth at least one view. I can guarantee that due to its average storyline with one over the top idea that I will not watch this movie again. Not because some find it disgusting but because it is every movie I have ever seen before.

The Human Centipede receives 2 1/2 mouths to anuses out of 5


4 Responses to “Chainsaw Cheerleader Reviews: The Human Centipede: First Sequence (2009)”

  1. Fuck this movie.

    I hate it. I hate all the jerkoffs that defend it or try to make it something deeper than it is. It’s exactly what Lyn said it is; cheap shock shlock.

    I hate how the poster has that stupid “100% Medically Accurate” tagline, like I’m only gonna watch a movie that’s 100% accurate. Fuck X-Men, because the mutant gene is only 63.4% accurate. Tremors is only 37% accurate. I wonder where Dead Ringers or From Beyond rate on the Medically Accurate scale.

    The fact that this began as a stoner idea doesn’t surprise me. The fact that someone actually thought a fucking sequel would be a good idea does. They must not have sobered up yet.

  2. I really do want to see this film, only to see for myself if it lives up to the hype. It seems to be a resounding ‘no’, but morbid curiosity will eventually get the best of me. Great review, Lyn.

  3. It is nothing but cheap shock schlock and I love it for it. That’s one of the tentpoles of the genre and getting angry about it is pretty silly. Every horror fan has a film like this that they like. I’ll take a movie like Human Centipede over a Hostel or a Saw any day. Just the ridiculously creepy and the ultra fucked up ending alone are worth the viewing. Anyone claiming this to be deep is nuts, though. There’s nothing going on under the hood. It’s just trying to gross you out and offend. Sometimes, that’s okay.

  4. I have to agree with Tick here. I enjoyed the movie. It didn’t offend me or impress me…it was just fun to watch. I also think a sequel is a terrible idea.

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