Dub Cee Reviews: Red Eye (2005)

Directed By:  Wes Craven

Written By:  Carl Ellsworth

I really enjoyed how from the first moment this movie has you wondering just what in the hell is going on. The majority of the story takes place on the airplane with two people sitting next to each other. If not handled correctly this movie could become extremely droll. However, I felt the pacing of the story was actually quite good. The characters were interesting and well developed.
I also liked the small little clues about the situation and the characters that were decorated along the trail. For example, the fresh wound on the chest of Rachel McAdams character. The event that caused that wound is part of what defines her now. Along those lines I truly was thankful that McAdams did not portray her character as some sobbing, weak female we see so often in these style films. Instead she is trying the entire time to outwit Cillian Murphy but he is constantly just ahead of her. Finally in desperation she gets physical.
I have always liked films that allow you to put yourself into the characters position and force you think about exactly what you would do. This movie is at least somewhat plausible and thus I enjoyed it.
There are some fair gripes about this one. Particularly the lack of action. After all, the majority of the film is two people on a plane. However, I enjoyed the character interaction we get from this. Cillian Murphy is both charming as flat out creepy in the same instant and I would love to see him in more roles like this one.
Overall, I really like this film and would recommend it to most people. However, it is not a film everyone will enjoy. Thus my final rating for this movie is a C+.


5 Responses to “Dub Cee Reviews: Red Eye (2005)”

  1. The strange thing about this movie is that I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it…but not 100%. Your review kind of brings it back to me…but i”m still not sure. If I did see it…it didn’t stay with me at all. Didn’t hate it, didn’t love it. C+ seems fair. I need to rent it now…

  2. Red Eye was a film that I watched and then let myself forget about soon after. Unlike Phone Booth where the action is set in one location but still remain exciting, I have to disagree and say Red Eye was pretty droll.

    I watched this film routing for Cillian Murphy (not his character, the actor) ’cause I do like Murphy. I want him to have a good career. I don’t remember his performance (or anybody’s) being noteworthy though. I remember his name Jackson Rippner being lame (Come on, Jackson Rippner … Jack The Ripper? Hurr). I remember the climactic scene that occurred off the plane. I just don’t remember any of it being good.

    I can’t even write a counterargument because I just kind of washed it out of my head afterwards. Did not know this was directed by Craven though. That’s even more disappointing.

  3. Yea, it wasnt anybody’s “best” work. You wont see me up in arms defending it from criticism. Even the movie poked fun at the Jack The Rippner joke.

  4. The third act is what kills this film. If they could have somehow had some creativity and wrote a satisfying ending that took place on the plane, this flick would’ve rated a lot higher. The tension was taut while they were on board. As soon as they deplaned, I de-cared.

  5. Pi raises a good point. I don’t recall much about the first and second acts because I have such disdain for the ending in my memory. It’s true — even if a movie’s got a good beginning and a middle, people will remember it for how it ended. Similarly a movie could be trite and have a good ending that wraps it up and people will remember it more fondly.

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